Healing with a Groove

The DMI Mobile writing a case study paper Music Lab uses audio and visual technology to nurture creativity. We empower students with the knowledge to appreciate the rich musical heritage of Mississippi. This four-week program for youths of color between the ages of 12 and 17 serves to promote racial healing through music education. In the process of songwriting, the students engage in honest discussions and learn about great artists and their respective places in history. Students will record their original works using state-of-the-art music software and make who can i pay to do my homework their first contribution to the world of music.

Connect to Curriculum

The DMI Mobile Music Lab will enhance student learning by using songwriting, music, and alternate forms of media arts to connect to the Mississippi Department of Education’s competency requirements. We believe in holistic education and assure that the exciting process of creating music will improve students’ knowledge in other disciplines, such as history, social studies, science, math, and language arts. With the help of DMI faculty and students, experienced local musicians, and music industry professionals, the DMI Mobile Music Lab will provide students with the opportunity to use music as a medium of self-expression.

Learning on the Move

The DMI Mobile Music Lab is housed in a 26’ customized bus with two main spaces: a recording studio and a production room. The production room includes multiple workstations, featuring professional audio and video software installed on Apple computers. We take pride in bringing learning and musical engagement to the students. Interested teachers and civic leaders may schedule a tour of the bus in their community to see this exciting interactive program in action.